“Charlie Megna is interested in satirical, subversive social commentary. He recognizes a great deal of absurdity in the civilized world and his artistic practice is often his way of calling attention to this. The work is not didactic, however, but open to interpretation, often inciting nervous laughter in the viewer with images that stick with him/her, for better or worse. The rest of it revolves around fun — creation, for Megna, is a constant quest for fun, often meditatively materializing out of rather labor-intensive processes. Megna is a very prolific creator, spending every night in the studio, striving to find new ways to push boundaries and express his inner cynic in the simplest and silliest ways possible.”

Director at Peanut Gallery and founding member of the Peanut Collective. Peanutgallerychicago.com

Peanut Things.


  • Pussy Galore
  • The Color Show
  • Vacation
  • No Girls Allowed
  • The Birthday Show
  • Locals Only
  • Wipe Out

Participated in

  • Pussy Galore
  • Color
  • Vacation
  • No Girls Allowed
  • Birthday Show
  • Locals Only


Columbia Chronicle: “Art in a Nutshell” (Published Oct. 25, 2010)

fNews: “Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, and a Scorpion” (Published March 28, 2011)

Newcity “Best New Gallery Of The Future”    (Published December 15, 2011)

“Wipe Out” review from Newcity   (Published January 19th, 2012)

School Stuff

BfA from Lewis University 2009

2008 Honorable mention in First annual student art show.

2009 Published in Lewis University Windows Fine Arts Magazine

2009 1st place in Lewis University Windows Fine Arts contest

Other shows and stuff

 2009 Featured Artist at Peoples Lounge

2010 “We Ride No Brakes Too.” at Impala Gallery, Untitled and People Lounge


  • “No Era No Context” Group show at Treasure Town
  • Poster work for “Awe Dub Sessions” “J.C. Brooks and The Uptown Sound” Covers for “Rabble Rabble” (collaboration with Kerry Couch and Ralph Darski)
  • “Lion vs Gorilla’s March Madness” Group show at Fulton Street Collective
  • “Carnaval Croquant” at Belmont Army Surplus
  • “Devil Child” Solo show at Impala Gallery
  • Animation with music by The Mode Ensemble at “Lion VS Gorilla’s 4re(e/a)ls: The Really Reel Film Fest”  at Fulton Street Collective.


  • Lion vs Gorilla’s “Appetite for Destruction” group show at Fulton Street Collective
  • “Don’t Sweat it” group show at Galerie F
  • “Lost Tribes of Renni” Solo show at Spudnik press.
  • “FM Gallery’s summer show” Group show at FM Gallery.
  • “Saints” group show at Roman Susan Gallery.
  • “Art @ Coles” Peanut Gallery group show at Coles.
  • Interview with Inside/Within


  • “Subtle Plaines” Solo show at Hairpin Arts Center via Lion vs Gorilla
  • Artist talk at Spudnik studios


  • “Black and White Show” group show at Club Rectum
  • “Peanut Colada” Group show at Roman Susan Annex
  • “Crystals Palaces in Cockaign” Group show at Hairpin Arts Center
  • “East Room Art Show” Group show at East Room
  • “Not Just Another Pretty Face” Group show at The Empty Bottle


  • Featured artist at Bite Cafe
  • “Cults” group show at East Room
  • “Dwell” solo show at Rotofugi Gallery.
  • “Naked People” group show at Vintage Quest
  • “Enemies group show at East Room
  • Featured spotlight on booooooom.com
  • Featured on urbanplayer.hu




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